Monday, March 18, 2013

Bloomsbury Triple Threat Blog Tour: Hysteria by Megan Miranda

Mallory killed her boyfriend, Brian. She can't remember the details of that night but everyone knows it was self-defense, so she isn't charged. But Mallory still feels Brian's presence in her life. Is it all in her head? Or is it something more? In desperate need of a fresh start, Mallory is sent to Monroe, a fancy prep school where no one knows her . . . or anything about her past. But the feeling follows her, as do her secrets. Then, one of her new classmates turns up dead. As suspicion falls on Mallory, she must find a way to remember the details of both deadly nights so she can prove her innocence-to herself and others.

In another riveting tale of life and death, Megan Miranda's masterful storytelling brings readers along for a ride to the edge of sanity and back again.


Mallory ends up killing her boyfriend in self-defense, but she cannot remember how things lead up to that incident or why she would go so far as to kill him.

“I knew how I was supposed to feel when I was with him. Well, I knew what I was not supposed to feel. I wasn't supposed to feel anxious. Not tense, either. Or maybe I was. Maybe this was normal. I didn't know. So I let him whisper in my ear and put his hands on my hips. And I listened to him list the ways in which I was slowly killing him.

None of which turned out to be the actual way that I killed him.”

-Megan Miranda, Hysteria

So she gets shipped off to a private school called Monroe and tries to forge as normal of a life there as she can. Things however do not stay normal because she constantly feels a presence following her everywhere. And soon Mallory’s roommate is killed using the same Mallory’s knife, so naturally everyone thinks she did it.

I did think it was strange that her parents sent her to a boarding school away from home. I kept wondering why they did not try and get her help, like a therapist or something.

Hysteria was a quick absorbing read that I easily got into. The flashbacks that were scattered throughout the story were a nice glimpse into the night she was with her boyfriend.
It was a good mystery that had me questioning everything and everyone, to see if I could figure things out myself. The ending I definitely did not see coming and when I think about it, I am still questioning the true motive behind it all.

Rating: 3½ out of 5.

** I received this book from Bloomsbury Children’s Books in exchange for nothing, but my honest review. Thank you!** 

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  1. Good review. I'm also participating on this tour.

  2. Thanks Shane. I will be sure to check yours out too then :)

  3. I loved Fracture. I hope I have the chance to read Hysteria as well. Sounds like I will really like it a lot based on your review. I love mysteries where everyone is in question.

  4. Sounds interesting. I've seen it around a couple of times now and I really like the sound of it. I would love to give it a try when it comes out. Great pick!