Friday, September 7, 2012

Wrong Bed, Right Guy by Katee Robert

Wrong Bed, Right Guy is a steamy romantic read that hits all the right spots. Elle Walser, an uptight art gallery coordinator is in search of Mr. Right and comes up with a crazy plan to seduce her boss Nick. The mishap starts when Elle puts everything into motion and she goes into Nick’s bedroom…She doesn’t turn the light on so it’s dark, she seems him and the seduction begins…It isn’t until things get a little heated and she really hears the mystery man’s voice does she freak out and realize that it isn’t Nick in the bed with her.  She ends up running out of there as fast as her legs can carry her. It isn’t until the next day when she is at work that she discovers the mystery man is none other than Nick’s brother, Gabe. It’s then that the real pursuit begins on Gabe’s part. Even though they were together for a short time, Elle made a big impression on him and he wants to date her. He makes an impression on Elle as well, but she doesn’t want to admit it to herself. In her eyes, Gabe is considered a bad boy; from the tattoos to the several nightclubs he owns. The attraction starts to grow the more they spend time together and despite herself Elle admits what she actually thinks about Gabe to her best friend Rox.

“I don’t know, Rox. There’s something really, really attractive about him in a Neanderthal sort of way. Like you look at him and want to have him haul you back to his cave, and have his wicked way with you.” Holy crap, she couldn’t believe she’d just admitted that out loud. But it felt kind of good to say it so Elle kept going, toying with her straw as she went on. “I mean, sure he’s rough around the edges, but his tattoos are amazing and that mouth is just sinful.” “Yes… yes it is.” She frowned at the weird look on her friend’s face. “Rox?” Then she realized Roxanne wasn’t looking at her. She was focusing on some point over Elle’s shoulder. The room swayed as all the blood rushed from her head and foreboding slammed through her system. This couldn’t be happening. There was seriously no way this was happening. “Please tell me he’s not standing right behind me.” Roxanne put her elbows on the table and propped her chin in her hands as if getting ready to watch a show. “He’s totally right behind you.” -Katee Robert, Wrong Bed, Right Guy

As the going theme in the books I have been reading lately, Elle and Gabe both have a past and or issues that these two try to work through as this new relationship unfolds and they figure out they need and want. Obstacles and misunderstandings get thrown in the mix along a good dose of playful humor and steamy love scenes.

At around 144 pages, Wrong Bed, Right Guy is a delightful quick read that made me laugh and swoon. It’s a book you read when you just want a fun entertaining romance to sweep you off your feet.

This book is Book 1 of the Come Undone series. I am hoping the second book will involve Nick and give him a chance at happiness. As I was reading I got the implication that there was something with Nick and a past relationship with one of Rox’s friends that would be fun exploring. I am excited to find out if I am right or not. You can find out more about the Undone series on the author’s website:


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