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All the Beautiful Brides (Graveyard Falls #1) by Rita Herron

Publication: September 15, 2015
Publisher: Montlake Romance
Source: Purchased Book

A young woman lies dead at the bottom of a waterfall, dressed in a wedding gown with a rose stem jammed down her throat. And in the small town of Graveyard Falls, the horrifying vision stirs a long-ago nightmare back to life…
FBI Special Agent Cal Coulter gets called in to investigate the murder, which bears a terrifying resemblance to a series of killings committed thirty years ago: three teenage girls were found dead at the waterfall’s base, all bearing rose stems in their throats. But the high school football star was convicted and imprisoned for those murders, leading Cal to suspect that the killer is still out there.
Now, the body count is rising again. The monster’s sights are set on counselor Mona Monroe, Cal’s best friend’s widow…and the woman he’s always loved. Can Cal stop the killer before Mona becomes the next victim?

The first book by Rita Herron I have read, All the Beautiful Brides turned out to be a pretty well planned suspenseful story.

Graveyard Falls is a small close knit town with a horrific past. A past that no one is forgetting anytime soon. Especially now that a new victim has been found almost the exact same way as the original Thorn Ripper murders. Enter Special Agent Cal Coulter who has been assigned to the case.  But this case soon quickly turns into more than the whole town bargained for.

While in Graveyard Falls, Cal has the chance to see Mona Monroe again, his best friend's widow.  From the start it’s a little obvious that Cal still has feelings for Mona. And it seems as if he resented his best friend for marrying Mona years ago.  So while he is investigating the recent murder, he is also struggling with his feelings for Mona.
Mona on the other hand is trying to come to grips with the death of her husband and unborn baby that happened a few months prior. She comes to Graveyard Falls in search of her birth mother, but discovers that in this town, people don’t really like it when you ask too many questions.

I don’t know what it is, but I have been having a hard time finding a romantic suspense story with a good romance in it that I actually love. The romance in this story was….inevitable. I knew they would get together, but I didn’t really feel the connection between them and overall I just thought their romance was so-so.

Apart from that though, I did enjoy the mystery aspect of the story. And we get insight into the killer and his way of thinking, which was really cool. Just when I thought the story was over, and the bad guy was caught, turns out the author had a couple more surprises up her sleeve and surprised me even more.  

RATING: 3½ out of 5.


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