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Keep Dancing by Leslie Wells Blog Tour!

Thank you so much for joining me on my stop for Leslie Wells’s Keep Dancing Blog Tour! If you like rock star romances, then you will want to check this series out.

There is also a big giveaway going on below! And for my readers, if you leave a comment below, I will pick 5 people who will win e-books of Come Dancing and Keep Dancing!!!

02_Keep Dancing Cover
Publication Date: February 5, 2015 
Percambio Press 
Formats: Print & ebook 256 pages
Series: Come Dancing, Book Two 
Genre: Contemporary Romance/New Adult/Chick Lit

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Julia is a young book editor on the rise. Jack is a British rock star at the pinnacle of his fame.
Can they both get what they want—if what they need threatens to tear them apart?

It’s January, 1982. Twenty-four-year-old Julia Nash has just moved in with her boyfriend, rock and roll guitarist extraordinaire Jack Kipling. Their connection sizzles as Jack takes her to England to meet his mother, and then to a private Caribbean island for a sensual post-holiday retreat.
But back in New York, they hit a turbulent patch. Career-focused Julia is in the running for a new job, while Jack’s life becomes even more chaotic with an upcoming thirty-city tour. Although free-spirited Jack enjoys his partying lifestyle, he craves more support on the home front. But Julia doesn’t know if she can ever be a domestic goddess—or if her wild boyfriend can ever be domesticated.
On tour, Julia experiences private jets, mind-blowing concerts, shocking hotel room antics, and screaming headlines. Back home, she has to decide if their relationship can withstand the ravages of fame and conflicting interests—not to mention a suave bestselling author who seems to like more than her grammar sense.

Emotionally poignant, hilarious and steamy, Keep Dancing will delight brand-new readers as a stand-alone novel, and also serves as the perfect follow-up to Come Dancing.

Keep Dancing picks up pretty much where Come Dancing ends. Like the first book, this one in set in the 1980’s in New York, which made for an interesting setting. Julia is attempting to balance being Jack’s live-in  girlfriend as well as working as an editor for a publishing company.
One of the things I liked about Keep Dancing was the fact that Jack and Julia’s relationship felt real. Their jobs may be completely different from the other, but that doesn’t diminish their attraction/feelings for each other. It’s obvious they care. But life wouldn’t be life if there weren’t any obstacles to get in their way. It’s hard for Julia to completely trust Jack when he is constantly around women who throw themselves at him. And Jack doesn’t know how to properly handle conflict. They have major communication and trust issues. I felt like a lot of their problems could have been solved if they just got together and talked things out rationally.
But through all of their issues, I could not stop rooting for them to be okay and get their HEA. Jack and Julia’s relationship does deepen. And I was able to see them grow as a couple and individually. They struggle with normal issues just like a regular couple would, except with perhaps twice the drama, sabotage, and emotions.  It was fun to get pulled back into their crazy world again. I enjoyed every second of it.  

RATING: 3½  out of 5.

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Praise for Keep Dancing

“Set in the 80s and dripping with the excesses this time period excelled at, Julia and Jack have reached a point in their relationship where the hard work begins. Julia is working towards her own stardom, while Jack continues to play in the world that made him. As external forces do their best to force this unusual couple apart, Jack and Julia will need to decide if they should keep dancing or find new partners. Emotionally plump with laughter, love, and heartbreak…” —Smexy Book Reviews “HOT”—“In book two of the Jack and Julia series, Wells once again titles chapters after hit songs, and finds even more ways to describe the excitement surrounding New York City as she did in the debut…” —Romance Times "This is a 5 star series, and I recommend this as a wonderfully fun yet angsty read. I loved the chemistry between Jack and Julia and their crazy bad communication skills (they didn’t have cell phones, after all). The breakups were worth it, if only just so they could make up!" -Cindy Becker, The Book Enthusiast

Praise for the first novel about Jack and Julia: Come Dancing, an Amazon Bestseller and Apple iBooks Breakout Book

“Wells builds an emotionally poignant love story, abounding with romance and humor.” —Smexy Book Reviews
“Sometimes a book like this comes along and takes me out of the niche reading that I tend to find myself in.... I am in love… So very sex + the city.” —Must Read Books or Die
“It reads like a very, very good romantic comedy movie.” —Michelle & Leslie’s Book Picks
“Once you start, you are completely unable to put it down.” —Devilishly Delicious Book Reviews
“Like a well-oiled machine or a well-tuned guitar, Julia and friends work their way into your heart.” —Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers
“Hot, sexy, and combustible.” —Blushing Divas Book Reviews
“Come Dancing is brimming with both humor and heart.” —Flashlight Commentary
“It's a fun romp, and the sparkling characters definitely made it worth the read.” —A Bookish Affair
“I enjoyed reading Come Dancing! It had a good story, fascinating characters, and a charming vibe.” —Julie Anne, Teacups & Book Love

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About the Author

03_Leslie Wells Credit © Leslie Wells
Leslie Wells left her small Southern town in 1979 for graduate school in Manhattan, after which she got her first job in book publishing. She has edited forty-eight New York Times bestsellers in her over thirty-year career, including thirteen number one New York Times bestsellers. Leslie has worked with numerous internationally known authors, musicians, actors, actresses, television and radio personalities, athletes, and coaches. She lives on Long Island, New York.

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