Thursday, July 25, 2013

Feature & Follow # 9

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This weeks Question:
What do you do with your books after you’re done reading them?

My Answer:
When I finish them, I keep them on my e-reader or bookshelf. On rare occasions I will allow one of my close friends to borrow them. If it is a book I did not really care for, I may give it away or donate it to the library.


  1. I keep them too on both my Kindle and shelf. And I have no friends who would read my books so no borrowing here sadly. But then I'm super protective of them so there's a problem. LOL

  2. I can be a bit protective of my books too so you are not alone Kipha.

  3. Same here with the Kindle and Shelf. I have tons of books on my kindle :)

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  4. I usually keep all of mine too.

    Jenn @ Book Beats

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  5. One of these days I want to find add wall shelves in my room to organize them better lol. Thanks for stopping by Janina!

  6. Thanks for stopping by and following Jenna :)

  7. I get nervous about letting my friends borrow my books. Will I get it back, Will they bend the pages?

    Angela's Anxious Life

  8. It's a really interesting post. I just followed you on bloglovin. My hop

    Shounak @ Shounak's book reviews

  9. I'm pretty similar with what I do! I'm such a book hoarder - I hate giving them away! I ever get nervous letting friends borrow books I really loved. But I do give away ones I didn't care for much.

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  10. I only allow one of my friends to borrow a book I really really like. I get super attached to my books and I actually cried once because my kid ripped off the cover of one of my signed books. :(

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  11. Hopping through. I used to be big about borrowing but haven't for a long time. Partly because my friends don't read the same books and partly because I want them treated well. I will loan them out to my husband and parents though.
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  12. I let my friends borrow them, definitely. If it spreads the word about great novels faster, then I will :D new bloglovin' follower

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  13. I used to let friends borrow books, until I started having a really hard time getting them back. I'll recommend them, but I can't part with them when they're favorites (b/c I like to reread and hate it when I want to read a book a friend has had it over a year)!

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  15. I keep mine too - must hoard all the books...

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  16. I'm a would-be book hoarder with no room to hoard, unfortunately. I hate giving books away though.

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