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Three Schemes and a Scandal by Maya Rodale

From Goodreads: 
Enter the Regency world of the Writing Girls series in Maya Rodale's charming tale of a scheming lady, a handsome second son, and the trouble they get into when the perfect scandal becomes an even more perfect match.

Scheme: A folly, a swan, a little lie . . . a compromising position.

Lady Charlotte Brandon is always up to something . . . but somehow her best schemes for matchmaking often end in disaster.

Scheme: A family feud, outrageously false rumors, a shattered priceless vase . . . an even more compromising position.

It's no wonder she's considered by at least one devastatingly handsome man to be devious, destructive, and dangerously appealing.

Scheme: A fox, a rabbit, a childhood foe, and a dashing rogue . . . the proposal to end all proposals.

It's high time someone turned the tables on the lovely Lady Charlotte, and James Beauchamp is just the man to do it. Even if it means beating Charlotte at her devious game with a scandalous scheme of his own.


 Charlotte and James used to be partners in crime during their childhood days. They were always together getting into all kinds of adventures. But after James went away to school at age 15, and Charlotte discovering her beloved dead pet rabbit stolen from his graven and roasting over a fire by James and his friends, their close friendship ended.

Now eight years later at a garden party to celebrate Lord Hastings newly built Folly, Charlotte comes up with a plan to match her friend Swan Lucy and James together in hopes that they will fall in love and them marry.  Well that plan pretty much ends in disaster as she is the one who gets locked into the Folly with James and they try to figure a way out without being seen.

It is one hilarious misadventure after another as Charlotte’s infamous schemes keep throwing her and James together; proving that even after eight years apart, they still feel something for each other…more than they had realized.

“Charlotte was … Charlotte. She was devious and dangerous, maddening, exasperating. The damned thing was, she looked so pretty while she turned your world upside down. But then one had to endure punishment and lectures and go to great lengths to repair all the damage her clever ideas had wrought.” Maya Rodale, Three Schemes and a Scandal

Some may call her a stubborn and a troublemaker, which she is, but I thought she also kept life interesting. Charlotte has only the best of intentions for her friends and loved ones. For whatever reason, she thinks she is the only one who can help them to achieve their happiness.

James and Charlotte’s sweet romance is fun to watch unfold as they start to see that they could be each other’s perfect match.  For those who are looking for a light historical romance read with a feisty heroine, a devilishly handsome rake, swoon worthy romance, and enough humor that will have you laughing often be sure to check out this novella. It is a short read, but still entertaining.

Rating: 3½ out of 5.

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