Monday, August 20, 2012

Book Review: A Week to Be Wicked by Tessa Dare

Normally I read books that are on the contemporary side, but my love is historical fiction. It just seems a little harder for me to find a good book that I can sink my teeth into when it comes to historical. I heard about A Week to Be Wicked and after reading the synopsis of it, I thought it might be a good book to check out. And it did not disappoint me.

The story starts out with Minerva Highwood, a bookish young woman who is also a budding Geologist trying to prevent a possible marriage between her sister, Diana and Lord Payne, a well-known ladies man. Minerva concocts a scheme to get him out of town. She is interested in attending a Geological Symposium in Scotland and wants Lord Payne to accompany her there.  Hoping that the towns-people will believe that Minerva and Lord Payne have run off and eloped, leaving her sister free to marry someone else. Minerva doesn’t plan to marry Lord Payne, so according to her plan when they return to town, they won’t be together, she will tell people she left him. I love how much she cares about her sister in order to risk the ruin of her own reputation so her sister won’t marry a rake.

I have to say I have never had so much fun reading a book in some time. I laugh a billion times. I loved the chemistry between Colin (Lord Payne) and Minerva. They had this constant back and forth banter that is a lot of fun to read. One of the things I liked was that Colin would rarely if ever call Minerva by her actually name. He would call her anything that started with a “M”, like Marissa, or Miranda except her true name.

“He drained the wineglass and set it aside. Then he cleared his throat and began, “That is brave of you, pet. Offering to wed me in your sister’s stead. But truly, I—” “My name is Minerva. I’m not your pet. And you’re deranged if you think I’d ever marry you.” “But I thought you just said—” “Run away with you, yes. Marry you?”  She made an incredulous noise in her throat. “Please.” He blinked at her. “I can see you’re baffled.” “Oh, good. I would have admitted as much, but I know what pleasure you take in pointing out my intellectual shortcomings.”
-Tessa Dare, A Week to Be Wicked

I love sarcasm, and when a couple like these two get together, they are always ready with the quick wit. As the story continues to unfold, I saw a couple who could barely stand being in the same room with each other, starting to see the nice and oftentimes surprising qualities the other had to offer. They encounter some calamity along the way to Scotland and the stories they told to travelers where crazy. But I think a little excited and adventure is always good to have in a romance, especially this one. Every now and then, I was able to see what the ladies of Spindle Cove where doing in regards to Minerva and Colin leaving town, which was a bit of an added bonus I think.

 I laughed a ton, and highlighted almost have the book with favorite passages. A Week to Be Wicked was a thoroughly enjoyable read, and if you like historical romances with a good amount of banter between the main characters, then grab this book up.

And if you like this book; A Lady By Midnight Spindle Cove, #3) which tells Kate’s story comes out on Tuesday, August 28, 2012!! 

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