Friday, June 1, 2018

Too Close to Breathe (Frankie Sheehan #1) by Olivia Kiernan

Publication: April 3, 2018
Publisher: Dutton
Source: Publisher

Perfect for fans of Tana French, Jane Casey and Gillian Flynn


Polished. Professional. Perfect. Dead. Respected scientist Dr Eleanor Costello is found hanging in her immaculate home: the scene the very picture of a suicide.


DCS Frankie Sheehan is handed the case, and almost immediately spots foul play. Sheehan, a trained profiler, is seeking a murderer with a talent for death.


As Frankie strives to paint a picture of the killer, and their victim, she starts to sense they are part of a larger, darker canvas, on which the lines between the two blur.

Olivia Kiernan's debut is a bold, brilliant thriller that will keep you guessing and leave you breathless.

DCS Frankie Sheehan is a good Detective. Unfortunately she had a little set back when she was attacked while investigating a prior case. Now back on the job, she needs to find out who murdered Dr. Eleanor Costello. This case is sort of a make it or break it situation for her. She needs to prove that she is still a very capable Detective and able to really handle work again. Plus stop a killer before they possibly strike again.

I like Frankie. She is very good at what she does. She is tough as nails and isn’t afraid to make hard decisions that others might not be comfortable with. Plus she uses common sense...for the most part. Apart from the investigation though, I felt like I didn’t really connect with her character much.

There were a couple of scenes where Frankie got crank calls (silence on the end). I was expecting the killer to start taunting Frankie as if they were too smart for their own good. Maybe some cat and mouse type games. There was some taunting, but it wasn’t that much. I was a little disappointed by that.

The author, Olivia Kiernan has such a way with words. She knows how to create a well written mystery. I know I’ve mentioned this a thousand times before, but I hate being able to guess the ending or killer in a story. I was not able to do that with Too Close to Breathe. It kept me guessing from beginning to end. There are several red herrings and seemingly guilty parties. I thought I knew what direction the story was going, but I am happy to say that I was wrong. I would never have guessed who the killer was. That one really surprised me. I’m curious to see what’s next for Frankie.

RATING: 3 out of 5.


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