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Should’ve Said No (Thistle Bend #1) by Tracy March

Publication: November 24, 2015
Publisher: Loveswept (Random House)
Source: Publisher

Welcome to Thistle Bend! Perfect for fans of Susan Mallery, this charming series debut introduces a small town where old secrets are revealed—and wounded hearts are opened to new love.
A year after being laid off from the Smithsonian, Lindsey Simms says yes to a job offer as curator of a heritage museum in Thistle Bend, Colorado (population 1,519). It could be worse—and it is. Because the new museum has escalated a dispute between the Karlssons, Lindsey’s relatives, and the Crenshaws, a blood feud which goes way back to a land deal that changed the fortunes of both families. Trying to stay objective, Lindsey can’t tell anyone about her conflict of interest—especially not the ruggedly handsome handyman fixing up her cabin, who seems to be keeping secrets of his own.
Although he’s the executive director of the family trust and one of Colorado’s most eligible bachelors, Carden Crenshaw prefers getting his hands dirty in town and on his sprawling ranch. Staying busy has given him an excuse not to risk heartbreak, but getting to know the beautiful “museum lady” makes him reconsider. Little does he know, the heat between them will only add fuel to the fire—unless this unlikely couple can prove they’re lovers, not fighters.

The family feud going on between the Karlsson’s and the Crenshaw’s was a little reminiscent of The Hatfield's and the McCoy’s, but in modern day times. . The dislike between the two of them has been spanning years. Lindsey is related to the Karlsson’s...a family who has struggled a bit in life and feel that if the Crenshaw’s hadn’t cheated them out of a land deal  (a deal that ended up making the Crenshaw’s a very wealthy family), they would be the ones who were wealthy and thriving.

Looking for a fresh start, a chance to prove herself and do something she is passionate about, Lindsey takes a job to help with the curation of the new town museum that is being built. And even though she has agreed with her family in town not to let anyone know that she’s related to the Karlsson’s, the more time she spends with Carden, the more her guilt begins to grow. But Carden isn’t being as honest as he should himself and it’s only a matter of time before the truth is out.

Carden Crenshaw is more than just a pretty face. He is also a guy that doesn’t mind and actually likes getting his hands dirty and working hard to build something. Plus he loves to help people out when he can. He normally doesn’t get involve with any of the women in Thistle Bend, but once he’s met Lindsey, his interest is peaked and he starts to reconsider things.

Should've Said No by Tracy March was a quick romantic read. Carden and Lindsey made a cute couple. It was easy to like them and before I knew it, I found myself hoping they would make it as a couple. The townspeople are quirky and interesting and I enjoyed getting to know them. There’s something about small town stories/romances that I love. Those can sometimes end up being the most enjoyable romances I have read. I think this was a good first book to the Thistle Bend series. I look forward to seeing what happens with Holly Birdsong and Bryce Bennett in the second book, Just Say Maybe releasing on May 3, 2016.

RATING: 3½ out of 5.


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