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Cover Your Eyes (Morgans of Nashville #1) by Mary Burton

Publication: October 28, 2014
Publisher: Zebra / Kensington Books
Source: Publisher

Don't Look
At first, they struggle to escape. Then a torrent of blows rains down upon their bodies until their eyes cloud over in final agony. The killer shows no remorse--just a twisted need to witness each victim's last terrified moments.
Don't Speak
Public defender Rachel Wainwright is struggling to reopen a decades-old case, convinced that the wrong man is in prison. Homicide detective Deke Morgan doesn't want to agree. But if Rachel's hunch is correct, whoever fatally bludgeoned young, beautiful Annie Dawson thirty years ago could be the source of a new string of brutal slayings.
Just Prepare To Die
Rachel's investigation is about to reveal answers--but at a price she never thought to pay. Now she's become the target of a rage honed by years of jealousy and madness. And a murderer is ready to show her just how vicious the truth can be. . .

Rachel Wainwright is an up and coming lawyer/public defender. She has made it her mission to help the wrongly convicted.  Her life take an interesting turn when she is given a case from The Innocence Project, a group that attempts to help free innocent people who are in prison. Her potential client was convicted of murder thirty years ago. A murder that everyone is 100% sure he committed. Since DNA wasn’t as developed back then as it is now, she wants a DNA test done on the murder weapon to see if it belongs to her client, Jeb. This opens up a big can of worms. Especially for Deke Morgan, the Detective who gets the request. Turns out Deke’s father, Buddy was the one of the people responsible for Jeb going to prison. He was a great cop and no one wants to doubt that he did anything wrong. But new murders are occurring a

Rachel is very persistent and strong willed. With her parents passed away and her brother dying in prison, Rachel doesn’t have too many people in her life, so she is used to relying on herself. Her social life is limited and she throws herself into her work. Once she has a plan and she knows what she wants, nothing tends to sway her. She is a woman on a mission, attempting to get the DNA results for Jeb.

Two failed marriages and having to work in the shadow of his well respected cop father (who has died), does not make life or work easy for Deke. He is serious, determined, and very protective of his family, especially his little sister. He tries his best to keep all his siblings together, but busy work schedules make things difficult. Deke’s worked hard to make a name for himself at work and he is very good at what he does. Rachel becomes a pain in the butt when her DNA request comes across his desk. He knows his father arrested the right guy. But what happens if he didn’t and the killer is still out there?

Cover Your Eyes was an intriguing murder mystery that pretty much kept me guessing all the way through the story. The only thing I wasn’t a huge fan of was the romance between Rachel and Deke. It seemed inevitable, them getting together, but ultimately I couldn’t feel the connection between them.  But what was lacking in the romance, the mystery made up for. Some little things I was able to guess, but the big mystery I didn’t figure out until the reveal. There were plenty twists and turns and interesting characters to throw me off and lure me down the wrong alley. This is the first book I have read from Mary Burton and I thought it was a solid mystery. I love it when a story keeps me guessing from beginning to end.

RATING: 3 ½ out of 5.

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