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Damage Done by Amanda Panitch Blog Tour!

Publication: July 21, 2015
Publisher: Random House for Young Readers
Source: Publisher

"Exceedingly clever and surprisingly unsettling, Damage Done is an unforgettable read." --Melissa Marr, New York Times bestselling author of Made for You
"In her incredible debut novel, Amanda Panitch leaves you on the edge of your seat. Prepare to be stunned. Prepare to be torn apart." --Roxane Gay, New York Times bestselling author of Bad Feminist
"A brilliant thriller. Gillian Flynn for the YA set." --Amy Christine Parker, author of Gated
22 minutes separate Julia Vann’s before and after.
Before: Julia had a twin brother, a boyfriend, and a best friend.
After: She has a new identity, a new hometown, and memories of those twenty-two minutes that refuse to come into focus. At least, that’s what she tells the police.
Now that she’s Lucy Black, she's able to begin again. She's even getting used to the empty bedroom where her brother should be. And her fresh start has attracted the attention of one of the hottest guys in school, a boy who will do anything to protect her. But when someone much more dangerous also takes notice, Lucy's forced to confront the dark secrets she thought were safely left behind.
One thing is clear: The damage done can never be erased. It’s only just beginning. . . .

I went into this story with little to no expectations; just hoping that it would be an interesting story that I would end up liking. And I did like it. I think the story might have been more enjoyable because I went in without knowing too much about it.  So my review won’t have too many details in it because I am hoping you will go and pick it up to read for yourself.

Damage Done is told through the point of view of Lucy. She used to be Julia, but after an incident involving her twin brother, things changed quickly and she needed to move to a new town with her parents and have a completely new name. Leaving the reader to wonder what exactly happened and what Lucy /Julia's role is in it...or if she is even involved or not.

This book still had me guessing from the very beginning. The whole story seemed to be shrouded in mystery. The suspense and questions kept building the deeper I got into the story.  I wasn’t sure where everything would lead me, but I was intrigued enough to keep reading.  
Amanda Panitch created a well written story with realistic characters that got my attention through the whole book.  It was an emotional and suspenseful read that I was glad to have encountered. Readers who enjoy suspense/mystery stories with realistic elements may like to take a look at this book.

RATING: 3 ½ out of 5.


About the Author
Amanda Panitch grew up next to an amusement park in New Jersey and went to college next to the White House in Washington, DC. Amanda now resides in New York City where she works in book publishing by day, writes by night, and lives under constant threat of being crushed beneath giant stacks of books. You can follow her on Twitter @AmandaPanitch, and visit her online at

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