Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ruined (Ethan Frost #1) by Tracy Wolff

Publication: January 7, 2014
Publisher: Loveswept / Random Publishing
Source: Bought

He’s the last man Chloe Girard should love . . . but the first she ever could.

Ethan Frost is a visionary, a genius, every woman’s deepest, darkest fantasy—even mine. And, somehow, I am his.

He stole into my life like a dream. Turned my reality upside down and made my every desire come true—especially those I never knew I had. He demanded everything I had to give and gave me everything of himself in return.

But dreams don’t last forever, and ours is no exception. Because my nightmares are darker, and my wounds deeper, than I could ever reveal. And as much as Ethan wants to protect me, the secrets we we share will only tear us apart.

Chloe is going to school to become a lawyer when she takes a job interning at a bio-med company in San Diego for the summer.
Nothing makes a quite an impression like arguing with the smoothie guy on your first day on the job. Except for if that smoothie guy turns out to be Ethan Frost, the owner of the company you’re interning at.

Naturally, Ethan’s interest in Chloe is piqued. What begins is this back and forth thing were he makes it known he likes her, but she refuses to go out with him. He doesn’t see anything wrong with going out with an intern, but what he doesn’t know is that she is already getting harassed at work from fellow interns who think she is trying to sleep her way to the top.

Chloe wants to take a chance, but there is something from her past that she is hiding from that holds her back. Even though Ethan makes her feel things she hasn’t in years.

Ethan isn’t one of these shallow self-absorbed wealthy guys. He cares about people and the environment. And it shows through his strong and warm personality. I liked how Chloe didn’t let the people she worked with scare her off or intimidate her. She wants to prove herself by working hard and showing that she is the right person for the project. 

Ruined is a fun romance story. I liked that both of the two main characters are strong and smart individuals. They both have ambition and passion. I am curious to see how their relationship plays out in the second book, Addicted.

RATING: 3½ out of 5.


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