Thursday, March 13, 2014

Off the Record (Record # 1) by K.A. Linde

Publication: March 11, 2014

Publisher: Montlake Romance

Liz Dougherty has no idea a single question is about to change her life.

Her first big reporting assignment for her North Carolina college newspaper has her covering a state senator’s impromptu press conference. Brady Maxwell may have everything it takes to be a politician—a winning pedigree, devastating good looks, a body made to wear suits—but his politics rub Liz the wrong way. When Liz’s hard-hitting question catches the upstart senator off-guard, it impresses Hayden Lane, Liz’s editor who feels she’s headed for a promising career as a reporter.

But Liz is also headed into a secret romance with Brady that could destroy both their ambitions. Though he’s a bachelor, potential voters might frown on Brady cozying up to a reporter. And Liz isn’t sure sneaking around is enough for her—especially when things between her and Hayden might be less platonic than she thought.

Sleek, sexy, and smart, Off the Record ventures into a high-stakes campaign and an even higher-stakes affair to answer the question: When politics and love collide, can there ever be a winner?

What begins between Liz and Brady is an agreement to see each other in secret. Everything is on his terms, and his terms alone; especially since he is super busy with his campaign. After realizing just one night alone with Brady is not enough for her, she agrees. They have an intense connection that is felt ever since they locked eyes on each other during his press event.

Liz is smart, resourceful, likes to think about everything, and has a temper too. She loves her school, politics and she loves writing. She is very passionate about everything she does. Brady is confident, overly- self-assured at times. Sexy body, smart, determined, and also has a domineering side. His eye is on the big prize…Congress. Losing to him is not even a factor, and he will not let anything or anyway stand in his way.

When together, Brady and Liz’s sex scenes steam up the pages, but to me there wasn’t much of a relationship going on with these two aside from the sex. I think Liz felt it could be more, but I wasn’t sold that Brady felt the same way. And how much of a real relationship can you have with someone when you are meeting each other in secret?

The more I read the more I realized that Brady is a little bit of a jerk. He is demanding and possessive. It doesn’t make sense for him to go out to places and events with women, but if Liz is with a guy, oh no, he doesn’t want that. You can’t have your cake and eat it too dude. Though I’m sure he would like that…

I could totally see Hayden and Liz together. His feelings for her are a little questionable in the beginning. And I wasn’t sure if he was trying to lead her on or not, but I warmed up to him. Hayden is sweet and caring and is willing to put her first. And Liz has been crushing on him for a long time.

But the more she sees of Brady, the more she becomes enthralled by him. And she just can’t seem to stay away…

I love how K.A. Linde can create a good story and characters that can stir up many emotions. Off the Record is no exception. I enjoyed it for what is was…a fun guilty pleasure to get lost in for a short period of time.
Off the Record is not as emotional as Avoiding Commitment. But there is a good amount of drama, romance, sex, and angst to be satisfying. Be aware though that this is not a stand-a-lone book! There are two more in this series. The second one is slated to release on August 26, 2014.

RATING: 3½ out of 5.

**I received this book on behalf of the Publisher in exchange for nothing but my honest opinion. Thank you**


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