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Blog Tour & Guest Post: Natasha Preston’s The Cellar

Publication: March 1, 2014

Publisher: Sourcebooks Fire

When sixteen-year-old Summer Robinson goes missing one night, her family, friends and boyfriend are devastated. Nothing ever happens in Long Thorpe, so the disappearance of a school girl shocks the whole community. The police waste no time in launching a search and investigation, but with nothing to go on and no trace of Summer, hopes of finding her quickly fade.

Colin Brown, is a thirty-year-old solicitor living alone after the death of his mother. He suffered a traumatic and abusive childhood, and is left with no sense of right or wrong. Desperate for the perfect family, Colin, referring to himself as Clover, turns to drastic measures to get what he wants.

Thank you for joining me on my stop with Natasha Preston’s The Cellar Blog Tour!

I have always been intrigued by kidnapping stories, but this is the first YA contemporary story I have read dealing with one of these situations.

Summer is a sixteen year old teenager, who lives in a small town where nothing really exciting ever happens. That is until one evening when she and a friend split up to go look for one of their friends, Summer is kidnapped.

Once locked in Colin’s (aka Clover) cellar, Summer is shocked and dismayed to discover that there are three other young women (Violet, Rose, and Poppy) in there as well. And their names have been changed by Clover as well. He names them after flowers….something he believes to be both pure and innocent.

The majority of the story is told through the point of view of Summer along with some POV’s from Lewis (Summer’s boyfriend) and Clover (The man who kidnapped Summer).  There were flashbacks that showcased parts of Summers’ life with Lewis which was cute. And being able to see some of the things that helped to shape Colin’s life and future decisions was really interesting.

It would have been nice to find out what happened to the first Violet that Clover abducted. Summer was brave and her consistency with trying to find a way out and never giving up hope was nice, but I wish that I got to see more of an emotional struggle during her nearly 8 month ordeal. Nonetheless, The Cellar is a book that I enjoyed and thought of long after I read the last page.

RATING: 4 out of 5.

Natasha Preston Guest Post:

What or who inspired you to write this story? 

My inspiration for writing The Cellar came from a dream and the really annoying need I have to immediately write any idea. A lot of my ideas start as something that’s happened in a dream and I develop them from asking why it happened, who it happened to, how that person would react, etc.

In my ‘The Cellar dream’ I was kidnapped and thrown in a cellar, much like the way Summer is taken. When I woke in the morning I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I asked why Summer was taken and what the kidnapper wanted with her. By the time I’d established what Colin/Clover wanted with her I had the plot pretty much planned. Then all of a sudden other girls, his history with his mum and flowers poured out. The Cellar is probably the quickest I’ve ever got an idea together before.

So I guess my inspiration comes from going to sleep…


**I received this book on behalf of the Publisher in exchange for nothing but my honest opinion. Thank you**

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