Monday, June 3, 2013

Book Review: Amity & Sorrow by Peggy Riley

A mother and her daughters drive for days without sleep until they crash their car in rural Oklahoma. The mother, Amaranth, is desperate to get away from someone she's convinced will follow them wherever they go--her husband. The girls, Amity and Sorrow, can't imagine what the world holds outside their father's polygamous compound. Rescue comes in the unlikely form of Bradley, a farmer grieving the loss of his wife. At first unwelcoming to these strange, prayerful women, Bradley's abiding tolerance gets the best of him, and they become a new kind of family. An unforgettable story of belief and redemption, AMITY & SORROW is about the influence of community and learning to stand on your own.
I have always had a bit of an interest in cults. But this is the very first time I have read a book pertaining to them. I am glad that I gave this one a try. It was different than my normal reads, but in a good way.
The story interchanged from the past to the present to show what lead Amity and Sorrows’ mom, Amaranth to join the polygamous cult they were in and what promoted her years later to finally make the big decision to pick up and leave.
Amity and Sorrow’s previous life on the farm restricted their ability to do a lot. Because of this it’s pretty understandable that they would struggle with trying to fit into the new modern world they have been thrown into. 
Amity is loyal to a fault when it comes to her sister. Even though it’s a struggle, she seemed more willing to try and forge a new life for herself.
Sorrow is supposed to be the special and chosen one from her community. Forced to leave everything behind, she still did not want to give her past life up. She wanted to go back to her old life and the way things were because that was all she knew.
My only big issue was that I felt like Amaranth should have done something sooner than she had originally. I thought she waited too late.
Amity & Sorrow is a slow and steady paced novel that was easy to read through; but it is not a light story by any means. It has some dark, sad, and definitely heart tugging moments.
The writing style was for lack of a better word…different. But it did not stop me from enjoying the story and less. I wasn’t terribly happy with the ending though, but Amity & Sorrow turned out to be a nice change of pace for me. I liked it.

Rating: 3½ out of 5.
**I received this book on behalf of Little, Brown and Company in exchange for nothing, but my honest opinion. Thank you**



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